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Wax melts are basically wickless candles. Wax melts are much stronger than candles as there is no naked flame burning the fragrance away. Just put a piece or two into a wax burner and as the wax melts and releases the scent into the air, your room or house will smell fantastic. The Snap Bar wax melts are typically 50 grams. After lots and lots of testing, we recommend snapping off 1 piece (1/5th of one bar) at a time for optimum scent throw. One of these pieces of scented goodness will last up to 12 hours. Our recommendation for our wax melts is 3-4 hours per burn. 

All our products are created using sustainably sourced soy wax blends. Our products are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

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  • Blossom Breeze Brittle Wax
    blossom breeze fragranced scented brittle wax soy melt hand made poured in ireland a great irish gift
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